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The projects in this area are:


7th Paisley & District J.N.I. Scout Group-Bield Activity Centre, Climbing & Archery sessions 2024/2025

Bield Activity Centre , Climbing wall upgrade 2024. Summer 2024 will be the launch of a major upgrade and 35 new climbing routes developed at the Bield Activity Centre, 40 Broomlands, street, Paisley, owned by 7th J.N.I. Scout Group. Climbing and archery sessions Monday evenings between 7pm and 9pm to organised groups, our Duke of Edinburgh skills training sessions are available on Sundays September 2024 to March 2025 (ceasing for exam study). Celebrating Renfrewshire funding would allow us to offer activity sessions in archery and indoor climbing at the Bield, for young people across Renfrewshire.

Bishopton Senior Youth ’84- Bishopton Senior Youth ’84 – Climate Change Champions in Renfrewshire

The purpose of the three Climate change projects are:

To provide a place for young people to connect with others, learn about climate change and have their voices heard. To make new friends, follow current interests and develop new interests. 

To meet in two local communities (Erskine and Glenburn) close to young peoples’ homes so they can take part by walking, cycling or taking the bus. As two out of three projects are after school, supporting young people to be as independent as possible, to them there safely.

To provide opportunities for older Climate Change Champs in Erskine and Paisley to use their volunteering time to run clubs for younger teens and children. 

To provide a monthly Saturday club for young people to travel within Renfrewshire for nature connection and to support Renfrewshire’s biodiversity by taking part in projects such as tree planting, helping wildlife, helping with community gardens and visiting projects to learn more about wild places.  

Bishopton Primary Parent Council- Art and Crafts

Develop art and crafts skills within this local group. Explore various different opportunities including potentially mosaic making, glass painting, silk painting acrylics, watercolours and printmaking. Open to beginners and those who are looking to build upon skills. Make friends and meet people with similar interests.

Brick Lane Music Academy CIC Ltd- Celebrating Youth Music In Renfrewshire – The Album

Celebrating Youth Music In Renfrewshire – The Album Starting August 2024 – A project designed by young musical people for other like-minded young people. 10 Bands/Artist, 2 Sound Engineer Assistants and 2 Designers/Marketing Assistants will collaborate together to Rehearse, Design and Produce an Album with a final launch show in November 2024. The participants will benefit from 100% of their ticket sales to re-invest in their musical futures.

Erskine Arts- Erskine Arts Employs!

We think young people aged 16-17 should have meaningful employment opportunities in their local area. We believe young people should have access to a fair hourly rate as well as training and guidance during work. Successful young people will gain experience and skills working for a unique, diverse and often fast-paced creative arts charity with the full support of a passionate and skilled staff team where individuals can achieve their potential.

Erskine Arts- Erskine Arts: “The Studio”

Finding a place to learn, and play music as a young person can be a difficult and at times financially burdening task. Private spaces costs money and don’t provide an open and fun experience for friends. We want to provide the best equipment and experience for young people who are on the journey of learning an instrument. With this fund, we can buy pro equipment to provide an industry-standard experience for all young people at no cost.  

Erskine Youth Council- Erskine Youth Drop-In

After strong feedback from our last two successful Youth Clubs, Erskine Youth Council (EYC) is planning a Youth Club for all young people aged 11+, offering a safe, fun space to bring friends, make new friends and join in on community projects such, like a Spray Painting mural, that young people decide on! There will be; Video Games, a Pool Table, Just Dance, Board Games, Arts & Crafts and Free Food!

Girls’ Brigade Clyde- Common Good – GB Clyde

Our young people are from a variety of social backgrounds, this should not be a factor that holds them back from opportunities, GB Clyde Division aims to reduce stigma and encourage our young people to take opportunities when they arise. As a charity, we ensure no young person goes hungry – most of our companies provide a hearty snack, we also aim to reduce loneliness within young people – by providing a safe place and fellowship.

Just Dive In CIC- “Waves of Wellbeing: Empowering Renfrewshire’s Youth Through Aquatic Programs”

Waves of Wellbeing: Dive In and Thrive! “Waves of Wellbeing” offers swimming, scuba diving, mermaid, floatation, and chill-out sessions in our new, warm, and relaxing saltwater pool for Scots aged 12-25. Our programs help you stay fit, boost your mental health, and learn cool new skills. Dive in, make new pals, and join a supportive community. Let’s make waves together! – Best Fishes 🐟 Laura & The Dive Crew

Lamont Farm Project- Lamont Farm Project

We are here to help all young people gain an experience with a variety of animals, whether working with them or just enjoying a visit to them, and we are here to ensure that all of our animals (99% have been rescues) can live out their lives happily and healthily.

Loud n Proud- Sounds Right

This is an exciting opportunity for young musicians from all over Renfrewshire to get access to 5 high-quality rehearsal and music production studios. Sound treatment will make the rooms fit for purpose and create an inspiring space for creating music. Having such a resource like this locally is a huge advantage to help young people kick-start their career in music.

Loud n Proud- Video Editing Studio

This would bring a room into use for the purpose we intended for it. Having the right equipment would give young people a place to create social media or website content, edit photos and edit video. This will be a huge advantage to help young people increase their creative digital skills.

Mary Russell School Parent Council- Mary Russell Youth Clubs

There is little provision for ASN young people in the Renfrewshire area with many of the mainstream clubs being unable to provide the additional support often needed for our young people.  

The Mary Russell Youth Clubs provide weekly youth club activities for ASN young people that offers them a sense of belonging, safe place to make friends, understanding boundaries, and support to talk about things they might be worried about so they can cope with everyday challenges. Learning through play is an important part of growing up for all children, understanding more about themselves, and the world around them.  

PACE Youth Theatre- Exchange Young People’s Theatre – Performance Cafe Fit-Out

Funding towards the completion of the unique Performance Café space in Exchange Young People’s Theatre. This funding will go towards the final fit-out of the performance café – one of three main performance venues in Exchange which will host ‘Huddle’ – our bi-weekly programme of Q&A’s, talks, live music, open-mic and spoken word events for young people in a vibrant café space designed to welcoming to all young people in Renfrewshire.

Paisley Pirates Supporters Club- Paisley Pirates Ice Hockey Club

There are 8 senior teams playing ice hockey in Scotland and to keep our existing local talent and attract more we need to provide a sustainable offer to local youngsters. We are an amateur team, bound by rules on what we can access and offer so are looking at providing equipment or payment of licenses or memberships to our overarching organisation. We need to do this to make the team an attractive and competitive option for local youngsters.

Rainbow Turtle 

Our first project is promoting the 90 kg Rice Challenge. This challenge is run by True Origin, based in Paisley, and Rainbow Turtle has found this to be a very positive way to engage young people in Fair Trade Find out more about the Rice Challenge. Secondly we shall encourage schools and young people to build map of Fair Trade outlets and products in Renfrewshire. This will lead to interactive Fair Trade map of Renfrewshire.

Renfrewshire Effort to Empower Minorities

Our planned project will be early intervention for diverse minority ethnic young people aged from 12-25 years old. We are looking to set up a youth group for young people who are facing poverty/disadvantage, lack of learning and skills attainment, facing cultural and linguistic barriers and have had increased impact during the pandemic COVID19 and the cost of living. 

Renfrewshire Youth Voice- Positive About Youth Awards

The Positive About Youth Awards gives the chance to celebrate the successes and achievements of young people from across Renfrewshire, while being about to challenge negative stereotypes of young people. We ask for nominations from all over Renfrewshire which focus on 6 key areas and help us to identify the current issues of young people, that directly influence our work. Young people are involved in the creation, delivery and hosting of the event.

Renfrewshire Youth Voice on behalf of Renfrewshire LGBT Safe Space Group

Renfrewshire LGBT Safe Space Group is the only provision for young people 13 to 18 years old. It is a group run by young people for young people with staff who are supportive allies. We have a social calendar, committee, trips, residentials and celebrate the LGBT Youth Community in Renfrewshire. We support young people in a non-judgemental and inclusive group. We aim to make Renfrewshire a better place for LGBT Young People.

Renfrew Town Sea Scouts- Outreach

Renfrew Sea Scouts offer water activities at Castle Semple Loch to young people from all over the district. Young leaders (18 – 25) train Scouts and Explorers (10-16) in activities. We offer governing body certified courses via weekly training, allowing participants to experience all aspects of watersports. Our activities instil physical and mental life skills in our members and keep the heritage of the Clyde alive in each new generation.

Renfrew Victoria YFC- Kitted out

With over 80 members (players and coaches) between the age of 12 and 25, we want everyone to feel part of a team. Having a uniformed kit for everyone to wear will help them feel part of a group and encourage them to stay involved in football and remove the feeling of separation if the cost of kit is no longer a blocker. If awarded, this funding will go a long way to supporting with the cost of kit and keeping our youths involved in football!!!

Snack- snack yearly expenditure

SNACK is a support group for young people aged 12 – 25 with supportive needs. It provides a safe space where people can meet and socialise together, engaging in creative activities, day trips, crafting, gaming, baking and social events. It meets on a Sunday. For most of our members this group provides the only chance to meet with other young people who have similar needs which can be a barrier to wider, regular social interaction.

St Mirren Youth Football Club 2010s- St Mirren Youth Football Club – New team 2010s

Our project is to create and kit out a new football team consisting of 20 young people from all across Renfrewshire. Many of these young people come from disadvantaged backgrounds and struggle with the costs usually involved. We aim to increase the mental and physical health of the young people involved as well as providing positive life skills to help divert them away from potential negative outcomes.

STORM GYMNASTICS CIC- DMT Trampoline and safety landing mats

Storm Gymnastics is looking to create a New, Exciting, Fast and Dynamic activity specifically aimed at young people who want to fly, spin and somersault in our brand-new DMT trampoline class. Help us purchase the trampoline equipment to launch our youngsters into a new, fun and safe world where they can truly reach for the stars and Be the Best they can be.

The Bungalow Enterprises CIC- The Sound of Renfrewshire

This will be an exciting showcase of the very best young bands and artists in Renfrewshire. The event will give them and the volunteers confidence and a belief that they can produce a great show together. Taking part will give young people a lifetime experience playing in a high-quality professional-level venue. Overall, it will increase access, opportunity, and participation in music for young people of Renfrewshire.

Who Cares? Scotland- Who Cares? Scotland -Communities that Care

No matter if people grow up in a children’s house, foster or kinship care, are adopted or live at home with social work intervention, every young person needs the same things to thrive. Who Cares? Scotland provides access to advocacy and rights advice and runs safe spaces in Renfrewshire where Care Experienced young people can come together to connect, belong and do fun activities with others who understand their lives.


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