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Under General Data Protection Regulation, Young Scot is the “Data Controller”. This essentially means that we determine what personal information about you is collected and what it will be used for. Where information is collected, Young Scot will inform you what is being collected and for what purpose we will use it. Young Scot store this information in line with the General Data Protection Regulation guidelines. We do not sell, share, or disclose personally identifiable information with any other party. Please see Young Scot Rewards Terms and Conditions for more information.

Google Analytics and Cookies

Young Scot uses Google Analytics to gather non-personal information on our visitors. This information helps us understand where our website traffic is coming from, what articles and videos are being viewed and for how long. This is done through cookies and code which is embedded on our websites. For more information please see our Cookies Policy below.


We use cookies. However, We do not use cookies for collecting or storing personal information about You. Instead, Young Scot use a form of temporary cookie called a “session cookie” to allow our website to function effectively. Session cookies only store a “session ID” – a string of random characters – which allows the website to group together and distinguish page requests from Your browser during each browsing session. They are not stored on Your computer’s hard disk and are held in memory, expiring automatically when You close down Your browser. If for any reason You do not want session cookies to be temporarily stored in the memory of Your computer, find out how to disable cookies by visiting WikiHow – please note that disabling cookies may mean that you will lose some features and functionality of the site. By not opting to disable the cookies then You are consenting to their use.


We store our InfoLine data in a secure Microsoft Access database and Microsoft Office 365. All information is anonymised. We keep anonymised information about you for two years. We use anonymised information to produce statistics and other data that helps to improve our services.

Subject Access Requests – Everyone has a legal right to view the information that Young Scot holds about them. Requests to see records and other related information are known as subject access requests. These should be made in writing to After making a request you’ll receive a response within 30 days. Subject Access Requests are free.

When requesting information, you should provide your contact details, the specific information you are requesting along with supporting information, for example, that you were a co-design volunteer or Rewards service user.


5Rights takes the existing rights of children and young people (under 18) and articulates them for the digital world. We believe that they should be supported to access digital technologies creatively, knowledgeably and fearlessly.

Young Scot supports 5Rights:

  • The right to remove: Every child under 18 has the right to easily edit or delete all content they have created. Under 18s have the right to own content they have created and to have an easily signposted way to retract, correct and dispute online data that refers to them
  • The right to know: Children and young people have the right to know who is profiting from their information, what their information is being used for and whether it is being copied, sold or traded
  • The right to safety and support: Children and young people should be confident that they will be protected from illegal practices and supported if confronted by upsetting scenarios online
  • The right to make informed, conscious choices: children and young people should be empowered to reach into creative places online and also have the capacity and support to easily disengage
  • The right to digital literacy: to access knowledge that the internet can deliver, children need to be taught the skills to use and critique digital technologies

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