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Social Work services are available for people that need help and support. If you or someone you know is in need then you get in touch with social work. Read on to find out how you can access Social Work services in Renfrewshire.

Social Work is made up of highly trained people who are there to help people who might be vulnerable or who are facing challenges in their everyday life.  They do a lot of different things from chatting, signposting, intervening in serious cases and helping people live a healthy life.  The service you can receive from social work will be tailored to you or the person you are supporting’s needs.  Services are available for children and young people as well as adults.

Need help from Renfrewshire Council Social Work Services?

For Children and Young People

If you see behaviour which concerns you, or if a child or another young person tells you something, you need to take them seriously, do something about it and speak to someone.   If you need help and advice for a problem you are experiencing yourself, help is there.

Raise your concerns with a teacher; a doctor; a health visitor; a social worker; a police officer; or nursery staff. You can also phone Social Work to discuss your concerns:

  • Renfrewshire Social work services – 0300 300 1199
  • Police Scotland – 0141 532 5900
  • Child Protection line – 0800 022 3222

When calling, try to

  • give as much information as you can about the child or young person and their family/carer or about yourself if you are looking for help
  • describe what it was that you saw or heard and what it was that concerned you, or what it is you are experiencing
  • let the person you speak with know anything else they should be aware of, for example, any immediate risks or big things they should really know about

Any information about you will be treated with care. Any details, including your name, will not be revealed unless the child’s or young person’s safety requires it. Even if you do not give your name, enquiries can still be made into the child’s care and welfare.

If you need to contact social care urgently outwith office hours, please phone Glasgow and Partners Emergency Social Work Services on 0300 343 1505.

If you are scared about calling or it is too difficult, you can also send an email More information can be found on the Protecting Children and Young People section on the Renfrewshire Council website, including local social work office locations and numbers.

Help For Adults

If you are looking to get help for an adult who you think needs support from Social Work,

We know that asking for care or referring someone you think would benefit from care isn’t always easy, especially if you’re unsure of the types of care available or necessary. You can phone 0300 300 1380 (or 0300 343 1505 outside normal office hours) or email for help. Be clear about the issue and what type of help you think the person needs. More information can be found on the Adult Services section of the Renfrewshire Council website.

Other Support

You may also be interested in help from these other services.

RAMH (Recovery Across Mental Health). This service offers support for mental health including a crisis contact number for people in Renfrewshire to call. If you are aged 16 or over and experiencing a crisis with your mental health you can call 0800 221 8929. This FIRST Crisis team can only support people in Renfrewshire but please visit the website for additional support if you aren’t in Renfrewshire or would like more information.

Ren10 is your local online platform for services to get help and support that is confidential. It includes links to groups and activities as well as ways to access counselling. You can see all services available for each age range. Visit the website.

Childline. This free confidential service for children and young people is available to listen and support. You can call 0800 1111 or visit the website for more information and online chat help and advice.

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