RASAC Perth and Kinross

RASAC P&K offers confidential, emotional and practical support to young people, including all members of the trans community and non- binary people, aged 12-18, who have experienced any form of sexual violence including rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual bullying or circulating an intimate picture without your consent. 

As well as crisis support, they will assist people with the historical experience of sexual violence. They will also support males between the ages of 12-18. 

RASAC use different methods to support survivors, depending on the needs of the individual. They give clear information on confidentiality and on what happens when you contact RASAC. They provide explanations on what terms such as Sexual violence and consent means and can support the friends/family/partners of a person who has experienced sexual violence. 

RASAC also provides a lot of education and information to raise people’s understanding of what sexual violence is and how it can be challenged. You can get involved through their Youth Ambassador programme to develop skills, confidence and meet other young people who want to make a positive difference. 

There are different options to contact, including their own helpline 01738630963 as well as contact numbers for national crisis services, check their website for full details 

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