Where Can The Money Go? South

Four projects have applied for money in the South.

If you live in this area- you can vote from Tuesday 13th December using the link. However, please ensure that you know how to vote first.

The projects in this area are:

Banchory Primary

Digital Wizards of Banchory Primary School

If successful, this would help us to buy more ipads for P1 -3 pupils to save wasting paper and killing trees. We have already funded one chromebook for every P5-7 pupil.

Amount Requested: £1000

Hill of Banchory Primary School – HOB Eco Group

A pocket garden is a miniature garden attracts wildlife, enhanes our local area and would allow for opportunities for our pupils to make meaningful connections to the local community.  Most importantly, it reuses items which would otherwise be thrown away! 

At Hill of Banchory School we would task our nursery and each class and with the challenge to think creatively and then design, build and maintain their own pocket garden around the theme of ‘Choose a Story’.  The pocket garden project makes curricular links to science and other STEM subjects as well as being an engaging opportunity for purposeful outdoor learning.  Classes will undertake research to ensure the plants and foliage chosen are best suited to both the local climate and wildlife. Alongside this they will investigate how everyday items can be used to structure and nourish their gardens.

Our primary aim is that our gardens create little or no new waste.  With this in mind, we will reach our to local groups to help us.  We would reach our to local businesses to donate pallets and wood cuttings.  We will utilise the expertise of keen gardeners in our parent body and the local Rotary Club to guide us when selecting and planting.  The gardens themselves will enhance our local area and be an attractive feature within our grounds.  The funding we will secure will be used for 2 purposes:

  • To allow us to purchase the plants and foliage needed for each garden design
  • To ensure the longevity of the project we would also invest in appropriate gardening equipment for our children which would be used beyond the life of the project.

Amount Requested: £750

Portlethen Academy

To promote electric/hybrid cars reducing carbon emissions.

There is currently not a single charger at Portlethen Academy to help/promote further zero emission commute to work. We believe that the presence of the car charger would encourage people to switch to electric/hybrid cars. It is especially important now with high petrol prices. Would help with cost of living crisis allowing to reduce the cost of the daily commute.

Amount Requested: £1000

Portlethen Primary

Portlethen Primary Eco Group

Our plan is to use this money to buy resources to make our Climate Week a success. We would like to update our school library with relevant non-fiction books on Climate change. These can be used to develop our pupils’ research skills, while raising awareness of the subject. We would like to buy gardening equipment, wild seeds and trees to plant in our school garden. This will help reduce our carbon footprint and improve our surrounding environment. In science, we would like to buy kits to demonstrate how renewable energy is generated. Any money received will be gratefully used to promote our school community’s learning on Climate Change in a fun and memorable way.

Amount Requested: £1000

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