Scottish Youth Parliament

The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) offers an amazing opportunity for young people across Scotland, as it is the elected voice of Scotland’s young people. They work hard to make the changes that young people want to see. 

The local Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) described it as a “youth led organisation focusing on the issues that young people actually want addressed. It gives young people a voice in a world that may not value their opinion, especially because of their age. It is trying to make Scotland a better place all round.”

The Scottish Youth Parliament have done a lot of good work. For example, they campaigned to allow young people at the age of sixteen to have the right to vote. The MSYPs achieved this by going to different schools and colleges around the country and asking the young people, as well as the adults, what they think about sixteen-year-olds having the right to vote. The Scottish Youth Parliament then went to the government, and they all had a vote on it together. The government recognised that it was something a lot of young people wanted and made it real.  

To find out more about the MSYPs in your area, have a look at the article added below.

To find out more about the Scottish Youth Parliament and how you can get involved, click on the link here:

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