What Do Young Carers Do?

Young carers across Scotland are supporting the people they care for in a variety of ways.

Even the smallest of things can make a big difference in the lives of the people young carers look after. We asked young carers using our Young Carers Package through Young Scot Membership, to share one thing they do in their caring roles. Here’s what they shared…

For privacy purposes, we have kept all submissions anonymous. Submissions have been edited for clarity.

Emotional support

I walk to the shops in my lunch hour at school to buy supplies for my mother

I ensure that I stay in constant communication with the person I am caring for

Keep my brother calm in social situations

I look after my big brother and make sure he’s not hurting himself

Making sure my disabled brother takes their medication on time

Doing household chores every day

Making sure the day is structured well and any changes to normal are discussed in as much notice as possible

Help with going shopping and housework, and getting things around the house for my dad

Help support my brother in social situations as he has high anxiety around other people

Help my mum with daily activities

Cooking the dinner for all four of us 

I make my dad snacks. Get him drinks. When he drops stuff I pick it up as he can’t reach

Have to constantly help and support my mum daily as I have grown up our roles have swapped, it is very hard and challenging to look after someone all the time and difficult to watch her health deteriorate

If you recognise one or more of these things as something you’re doing, and aren’t sure whether or not you might actually be a young carer, visit our article to find out more about what it means to be a young carer.

Young carers can also find out more about what financial support and more in our article on support young carers are entitled to.

More information 

Check out our Young Carers page for more information, Rewards and support for young people who provide care. 

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