Stirling Volunteers: Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament

Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament, also known as MSYPs, are aged between 14 and 25. They are democratically elected every two years – two each for every Scottish Parliament constituency. In Stirling, we have 2 MSYP’s – Fraser and Matthew………

Fraser and Matthew give up their time to represent the voice of Stirling’s Young People on a national level – from weekend long sittings to numerous meetings and events – they are always speaking up and representing the voices of Stirling’s Young People. They’ve travelled across Scotland throughout their volunteering as an MSYP – including sittings at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, and an upcoming sitting in Orkney in July.


The Stirling Council Youth Participation Team are very grateful for the contributions they give and the time they give up throughout their volunteering journey over the last 2 years.

Would you like to be the next member of the Scottish Youth Parliament for Stirling?

Applications are open now and close on 31st July – head to to apply and to stand in the upcoming 2023 Scottish Youth Parliament Elections, and maybe you could be representing Stirling’s Young People on a national level.

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