Healthy Gaming Habits

Do you feel the strain after gaming for a few hours? We’ve put together some some healthy gaming habits for you to try!

Gaming is a great and easy activity for many of us to get into after a long day. But it’s important to keep in mind that gaming for long periods of time can increase strain on your body from prolonged sitting and repetitive movements.

Perform a Warm-Up!

You might think it sounds silly but doing a few stretches beforehand can go a long way.

If you’re looking for a warm up routine Esports Health Care have an easy to follow guide to keep you at the top of your game!

You can also check out some stretches they recommend that shouldn’t decrease your performance here.


Sitting for hours gaming in the same spot can increase the risk of aches and pains. However you can reduce the risk of these issues by correcting your posture .

  • Ensure you are sitting upright, not leaning forward
  • Keep your shoulders back and down
  • Keep your head back from the screen with your chin tucked low.

If you have a gaming chair it is important to set the arms to a high enough level that it allows your forearms rest gently. If you don’t have a gaming chair with armrests, an alternative is to rest your forearms on your thighs or computer desk.

If you’re looking for more advice on gaming posture you can check out this article too.

Take Breaks!

You probably saw this one coming but it’s important to get away from the screen.

You should take a short break typically between every 15- 20 minutes gaming, that’s usually how long an average online multiplayer match might last so between games is the perfect time to get up.

Some things to do while on a break is

  • Stand up and move around!
  • Focus on different objects in your room instead of your screen.
  • Blink your eyes 5-10 times between games to make sure they won’t dry out.

Other Important Tips

  • Remember to stay hydrated, many of us don’t intake enough fluids!
  • Prioritise sleep over gaming, try and set a timer for when you should head to bed.
  • Have some healthy snacks while gaming.

More Information

Read our article on how to stay safe while gaming.

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