How To Make A Safe Password

Want to make sure all your accounts are really secure? Here’s our tips for creating a strong password.

Making sure your passwords are secure is a really important to having a safe online life!

Tips for creating a strong password

Longer passwords tend to be better as there are more potential character combinations for a hacker to guess.

Complexity also adds a layer of security, use a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.

However, avoid going for something obvious such as ‘P@ssword1’ as even though it follows the advice above it would still be very easy to guess.

Also, avoid using something obvious such as your name, date of birth, your pet’s name or your favourite sports team or celebrity. These are all things that people commonly use as passwords and so are much easier to guess.

Cyber Aware is a useful online resource to help you stay protected digitally, their top tip on creating a strong password is to use three random words.

For example, of the most compromised passwords, ‘RedPantsTree’ is the only example in the list below that isn’t in the top 100,000:

  • arsenal22
  • 1v7Upjw3nt
  • P@55w0rd
  • RedPantsTree
  • victori!
  • 20111977
Tips on creating a strong password, use three random words. Simple to make, tough to break

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