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Meet Alannah and Samantha, the new members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) representing the Western Isles. Samantha, from Uist, and Alannah, from Lewis, were voted into the SYP – the democratically elected voice of Scotland’s young people in 2022. The Scottish Youth Parliament was established in 1999 and provides an important national platform for young people to discuss issues and affect change.


This year, MSYPs have selected four themes from the current SYP manifesto to campaign on:

  • the right to food
  • climate crisis
  • treating drugs as a public health issue
  • educational attainment.


Young people from across the Western Isles can contact their MSYPs to raise issues or get involved in campaigns.


To contact Alannah or Samantha, email or follow on Instagram:


Alannah Logue:

Samantha Jordan:


For further information on the work of the Scottish Youth Parliament see:

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