Motherwell Area Groups and Activities

Find out what’s happening in your local area each day of the week.


Boys Youth Group (S1+)

Time and Place: Mon. 6-8pm, Health and Wellness Hub, Motherwell


New NL Challenge / Transition Group (P6/7)

Time and Place: Tue. 6-7.30pm, New Stevenston Community Centre

Boys group (P7+)

Time and Place: Tue. 5.30-7.30pm, Isa Money Community Centre

Street Soccer



Motherwell Youth Voice (S1+)

Time and Place: Wed. 4-5.30pm, Ravenscraig Sports Complex

Transition Group (P6/7)

Time and Place: Wed. 5.30-7.30pm, Isa Money Community Centre

LGBT+ Youth Group (S1+)

Time and Place: Contact Laura


Beefriendly café (Befriending café ? S1+)

Time and Place: Wed. 4-5.30pm, Windmills café


Time and Place: Wed. 6-7.30pm, Newarthill Community Centre


DofE Open Group (14 years+)

Time and Place: Wed. 4-6pm, Ravenscraig Sports Complex

Some of the groups are already full so please get in touch to find out more information.

Where groups cannot meet due to restrictions there will be an increased social media presence from staff on our channels @NLCYouthwork, to check in with young people and families and invitations to be part of online activities when the groups should be on once discussion with parent/guardian.

Email for more information or follow our Twitter @NLCYouthwork.

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