Lockdown Film Review – Jumanji

RYV have been watching plenty of films and know you have too.  The Unheard Voices campaign has some Lockdown Bingo Film Challenges for you to check out including a Netflix special one too.

RYV also have Film Fridays.  Get to gather online…on a Friday…and watch a film.  See? Not only that they films get reviewed.  So this week’s film is *drumroll*


We went retro and watched the original, not the new ones with the Rock (though we recommend them too) Lions, tiger and bears oh my!!!!  See the jungle come to life and becomes unleashed on the world through a creepy boardgame.  So what did RYV think?

So do you agree or disagree?  Let us know!  If you want to submit your own review of any films to us and earn Young Scot Reward points, click here.

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