Start a Campaign

Do you feel really passionate about something? Do you want people to know more about an important issue? Do you want more people to be involved in making something different? Starting a campaign might be something you would like to do, but where do you start?

So, what actually is a campaign? It is a coordinated and usually planned effort to:

  • Inform and raise awareness about something
  • Change minds and attitudes
  • Share skills and information
  • Highlight and issue
  • Get more people involved
  • Make a situation different

You can start by carefully researching the issue that is important. This very site is a great place to start – all information is fact-checked and is aimed at young people. When you conduct research carefully consider your sources and ensure that the information you collect is free from bias and correct.

Look at what options already exist around you. You can speak with your local Councillor who is there to represent your views. You can also contact your local Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP), a young person elected by other young people to help tackle important issues. There are local youth voice groups that meet regularly including Renfrewshire Youth Voice who have regular contact with people and organisations who make the big decisions and control budgets in our area. Within your school look out for Pupil Council or Senates that meet regularly.

When planning your campaign, think about the scope of it – is it for your school? For your town? Renfrewshire wide? Scotland wide? The world? Also, who is it aimed at? What tools can you use?

Youth Services has created a Prezi with tips on campaigning, tools you can use and examples of successful campaigns run by young people.

Check out the Starting a Campaign Prezi

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