Protect our Planet Poem

Youth climate ambassador Anna has written a poem about taking action to protect our planet.


The animals are dying
The world has an indifferent reaction
Their homes are being destroyed
But what difference will it make if just you take action?
Don’t bother turning off your light

Think through our situation and feel despair
What difference will it make if just you care?
Don’t bother turning off your light

The oceans are rising, the planet heating up
But if only a few people care it’s just not enough
Don’t bother turning off your light

But think some more

If everyone thinks: I can’t make a difference if it’s just me?

Who recycles, turns off taps and cares about plastic in our sea’
It won’t make a difference
Nothing will ever change
Maybe you should turn off your light

I can make a difference, me
Because if everyone thought like that, just think where we’d be!
You can make a difference too

If you turn your light off, even although it seems strange
You will be contributing to a greater change
And if you take action to protect nature
You will also be protecting your future
You could help stop all the dismay
What difference will it make?
All the difference.
Please take action today.

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