LGBT Charter

LGBT Champions

Renfrewshire Council Youth Services welcome all young people who identify as being LGBT+. We provide a Renfrewshire-wide Safe Space group for LGBT young people and allies. The group is run by staff and volunteers who are allies.

We provide a place for you to meet and be yourself in a caringrespectful and inclusive environment. Providing signposting to information and support where required. We give you a voice around LGBT issues and get involved in campaigns such as purple Friday and LGBT history month.

We welcome young people and allies aged 13 to 19 to our two clubs.

The aims of the group are to provide a Safe Space for you to be yourself, socialise, have fun and support each other. As well as to take part in activities trips and gain wider achievement awards. This group allows you to meet new friends, take part in social activities, gain awards and most importantly have fun. There are also staff who will listen and be compassionate to any issues you have. 

The group has been both online and in person over the last year. We do try to meet in person where we can and often outside weather and daylight permitting. 

For more information on the group, how to get involved or to volunteer, please contact youth@andrewhigton

LGBT Charter

With your help, Youth Services are working towards the LGBT Charter. The LGBT Charter, developed by LGBT Youth Scotland, is a straightforward programme that enables organisations or schools to proactively include LGBTI people in every aspect of their work, protecting their staff and providing a high-quality service to their customers, students or service users.

Youth Services will visibly support LGBT young people, we will make sure our staff get access to the correct training that will allow them to best support you and understand the issues you might be facing. We will also keep note on the way we run our service to make sure it has the needs of LGBT young people in mind.

Youth Services will also get audited, to make sure we understand and know the very best practice out there in order to make our LGBT Safe Space the best for you.

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