Interview with Shelley

Shelley is a Communities Officer within the Communities Team, focusing on mostly youthwork but she does little bits of Family Learning too. Some of the groups that Shelley is included in just now are; Chatty Cafe, Drama group and Step-Up Group.


What made you want to do youthwork?

When Shelley was in P7 she joined a group called “Oasis” which had a dance group that went around different schools to spread awareness of drugs and alcohol, she became heavily involved in the group – taking part in under 18’s discos and fashion show events that they put on. Shelley was also part of a cheerleading group and started to become more of a leader in both groups.


What pathway did you take into youthwork?

From a young age Shelley enjoyed dancing and was always interested in theatre, she started a HNC in Musical theatre and was pointed in the direction of Community Education. He was between applying for Community Education or Social work, but she chose Community Education as she wanted to do youthwork and could apply her background in theatre into her youthwork role. Shelley completed her degree which led her to her Communities Officer position she is in now.


What’s the best part of your role?

Shelley said the best part of her role is meting lots of new Young People as everyone is different, making the different groups she is involved in very unpredictable which she likes. Young people make Shelley laugh and she loves seeing the growth in the too! Shelley described it as giving you a “warm fuzzy feeling”

Here are some other questions i asked Shelley to help everyone get to know her better!

Favourite food?

Thai Food

Favourite tv show?


Favourite film?

Wolf of wall street

Best place you’ve been?


Where would you like to travel to?




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