Deaf Awareness

Shiona, a member of our Creator Collective, has created content to raise more deaf awareness.

Shiona shares some common phrases she hears when people find out she’s deaf:

“You don’t look deaf”

Unless you can see my hearing aid, you would never really know and that’s probably what makes being deaf so hard sometimes. People quickly forget; they assume I can hear and they get easily frustrated when I mishear them. Being deaf is kind of invisible, although we look like we fit in, we don’t always feel that way. Be patient and be kind.

“You’re really quiet”

When I’m communicating with someone I’m trying to hear what’s being said, lipread what’s being said, fill in the missing gaps of the words I didn’t hear, and finally process what’s being said. But when I know what’s going on around me and people take the time and effort to communicate with me and involve me, I’m not at all quiet!

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