Welcome to the Creator Collective

As part of the Creator Collective, you’ll get to make informative and inspiring content for Young Scot’s social media channels as well as your own. You’ll also get access to loads of exciting development opportunities, including:

Access to resources and equipment

You’ll get to use tech and gear to make your content shine. You’ll have everything you need to experiment with new techniques and bring your ideas to life in ways you never thought possible.

Creator Hubs

These sessions will help you to upskill as a content creator. You’ll learn everything you need to know about script writing, filming and editing, personal branding, marketing, and more from our dedicated team and other experts. You’ll also get to connect with other organisations, so you can build your network and maybe even score your next big gig.

Support from Young Scot

You’ll be able to work with Young Scot’s experienced staff who will offer you guidance. They’ll help you hone your skills, give you feedback on your work, and help you set goals and achieve them.


You’ll have the chance to meet and collaborate with other young content creators from across Scotland. You’ll be part of a community that’s passionate about creating amazing content, and you’ll make new friends and valuable contacts along the way.

What are we looking for?

In your first six months we’ll ask you to create a minimum of three pieces of content. This will be:

  • One short piece of content, all about you, within your first month of joining (but don’t worry, we’ll give you a brief to help you get started).
  • At least two more pieces of content over the following five months.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to create even more, we’ll help you explore your personal passions and share them with young people across Scotland.

Whether it’s a vlog, podcast, video series, or something totally different, we want to see what you’re passionate about!

Your participation in the group will be unpaid, but we are dedicated to supporting you, developing your skills and helping to grow your network. We believe in recognising and rewarding your talent, which is why, as part of the Creator Collective, you’ll also get opportunities to join paid projects and campaigns. Plus, we’ll cover your travel expenses for the Creator Hub masterclasses.

Sound up your street? This project runs all year round, so you can join at any time! Email contents@young.scot for more information.

@katyjjo Endometriosis Action Month 💛 Delighted to help @youngscot raise endometriosis awareness this March (and every day)! This is my honest account of what it’s like living with an ‘invisible illness’. If you’re in the same boat, or know someone who is, I hope it helps! You got this 🤝 Watch to the end to see me spilling the tea (literally) on life with endo! ☕️😆 Make sure you check out the resources on Young Scot’s website and over the coming weeks to follow the real stories of young people living with the condition in Scotland! #EndometriosisAwareness #1in10 #Endo #EndometriosisAwarenessMonth ♬ original sound – Katy J

We’ve already worked with content creators from across Scotland to spread awareness on a range of topics such as scams, managing your money, mental health and endometriosis. Check out some of the videos below and get inspired for what you could do as part of the Creator Collective.

@oiseanlauren AD @Young Scot’s #AyeFeel campaign supports young people’s mental health and well-being. If you are struggling with your mental health, or know someone who is, head to young.scot/AyeFeel for more information and support. Tha #AyeFeel aig Young Scot a’ cuir taic ri slàinte agus sunnd aig daoine òga. Ma tha thusa a’ strì le slàint’ inntinn, no tha thu eòlach air cuideigin a tha, thèid gu young.scot/AyeFeel airson tuilleadh fiosrachadh agus cuideachadh. #gàidhlig ♬ original sound – lauren
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