Young Scotcast Episode 5 - 'Online Bullying' with Katie Ferguson and Len Pennie

For Episode 5 of Young Scotcast, Capital’s Katy J is joined by Katie Ferguson, Director from Respect Me – Scotland’s anti-bullying charity and Len Pennie, Scots poet and content creator. Together they discuss bullying, the difference between face to face and online bullying, how to get support and Len shares her experiences and advice about online bullying too.

Content Warning: This episode includes discussion on bullying, which some users may find triggering.

Young Scotcast Episode 5

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Visit our #AyeFeel page for more information on mental health and emotional wellebing, links to expert organisations and who to contact if you need support.

Visit the respect me website for more information from Scotland’s anti-bullying service. 

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Young Scot supports young people to share their own voices, views and opinions and works with partner organisations and professionals who are experts in different topics. The views expressed in this blog are those of the young people, organisations and/or individuals who have taken part in the blog, not necessarily the views of Young Scot.

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