Young Carers Package

Our Young Carers Package is a bunch of discounts, rewards, prizes and opportunities for anyone aged 11-18 inclusive in Scotland who provides a caring role. Once your application is approved, you will be able to access prizes, opportunities and rewards through your membership account to help you make the most of your free time and support you in your caring role. Best of all, it’s completely free!

Who is a young carer?

A young carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a family member, friend or member of your community, regularly and on a long-term basis. You might help someone get dressed in the morning, or get their shopping each week, or you might provide emotional support. No matter how big or small your caring role is – the Young Carers Package is for you!

A young carer could be anyone. All that matters is that you care regularly!

Unfortunately, if you who work at or volunteer at a centre, for example; for elderly members of their community, are not eligible.

What is the Young Scot Young Carers Package?

The Young Carers Package is part of the Scottish Government’s commitment to recognising the contributions of young carers across Scotland.

The package includes digital vouchers, access to subscriptions and exclusive opportunities. We hope that these treats will support you to make the most of your free time and allow you to feel supported in your caring role.

What do you get in the Young Carers Package?

The great thing about the Young Carers Package is that the treats change regularly. This means that there’s always something new for you to claim, enter to win, or apply for!

How do you sign up for the Young Carers Package?

The sign-up process is slightly different for 11 year olds.

If you’re aged 12 or over, you can access the package by signing up for Young Scot Membership. Once you’re signed up, you can register for the Young Carers Package and access your treats!

Register for Young Carers Package if you’re 12+

If you’re 11 years old, you can fill out a simple form to access an offline version of the package.

Register for the Young Carers Package if you’re 11

As soon as you turn 12 years old, you’ll be able to register for full access to the package online.

If you need some help signing up, check out our handy step-by-step guide or email

Find out more about the support available at our Young Carers campaign page.

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