Where Can The Money Go? North

4 Projects have applied for money in the north of Aberdeenshire

If you live in this area- you can vote from Tuesday 13th December using the link. However, please ensure that you know how to vote first.

The projects in this area are:

Banff Academy – The Grow Project

We are a group of learners and staff that now have the plan in progress to develop the, currently disused, courtyard space in the school.  This part of our COVID recovery plans and in response to our learners and staff needs during, as well as, as the aftermath of the pandemic now starts to unfold.  This is a space that will be accessible for all learners, staff and wider community in different ways, while also working sensitively with our native wildlife of Banff Academy (e.g. Oystercatchers).  We have started to work with community groups, organisations and businesses to create this enclosed safe space. This particular funding will be used to buy gardening equipment to start the gardening programme with our raised beds made by one of our teachers and a group of learners.  This space will be divided up into four areas which will consist of;  A Health & Wellbeing Garden for staff and learners to access at vaious times.   A Gardening Space access to all, from where we will run a gardedning programme linked to community groups, businesses and awards. An Outdoor Classroom to increase outdoor learning and well-being while learning.   A Sensory Play area/All -weather gym – all learners and staff to mix while getting exercise outside. This space will be sustainable and maintained predominantly by Banff Academy learners.  We now want to buy gardening equipment to start the gardening programme with our raised beds wheel barrow project.

Amount Requested: £1,000

Banff Primary School

Banff Primary School Library Group. We are a pupil group who are beginning our responsibility for the school library. We want to make our library a nice place for others to sit and read.

We are trying to create a more positive/calm environment for pupils wishing to read in the library. We would also like to use more neutral/natural materials like wood rather than plastic to give a more calming ethos. We would like to replace our furniture from plastic to wood or other natural materials.  We Currently use a lot of paper to make pictures to decorate the walls with characters from books.  We would prefer to decorate with other items that dont use paper but could capture readers imagination and encourage them to look for these characters in books

Amount Requested: £1,000

Clerkhill School – Peterhead

Clerkhill Conservation Champions

The Clerkhill Conservation Campions would like waterproof jackets, trousers, wellies and a wellie rack for undertaking their John Muir and Scottish Junior Foresters Awards. These groups explore wild places, learning about the environment and the importance of looking after it for future generations. They explore where animals live, listening to and appreciating the peace and quiet of outdoor places. They also plant and look after newly planted trees and plant wildflowers. These projects increase biodiversity: making homes for birds, bees and hedgehogs; and capture carbon: helping reduce the impact of climate change.

Amount Requested: £850

Gordon Schools Huntly

The Gordon Schools Huntly Youth Climate Warriors

This money will be used to install a community e-bike charging station(s) at TGS.  Huntly already has e-bike rental services, but not so much in the way of charging points. 

Encouraging people to use e-bikes and promoting sustainable travel is likely the most efficient usage of the money in the price range, and of most usage to students and the community in general.

Amount Requested: £1,500

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