Supporting Friends

This section is about how to help a friend if they are feeling down, or just need help in general. 

In some cases your friends might say that they need help, say with their homework, which is an easy thing to talk about and help out with, but sometimes finding out if they need help could be a hard thing to talk about. We’re here to talk about the signs that might lead to finding out if something is wrong.

Things to look out for

If one of your friends doesn’t seem themselves, say maybe they just aren’t talking as much or are trying to avoid their other friends, then maybe something is up. You could try is to start a conversation with them and find out more and get them to feel better. Make sure that they have friends or a trusted adult who will support them and make sure that they know they are welcomed. 

More useful information can be found on YoungMinds, a children and young people’s mental health charity.

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