Dundee Youth Fund – Introduction

Background on the Dundee Youth fund

Voting is Live – check out who has applied for the Dundee Youth Fund

Dundee Youth Fund is a £25,000 fund made available by Dundee City Council

Who is the fund aimed at? 

This funding is exclusively aimed at awarding grants to projects and activities that support the development of learning opportunities in Dundee for young people aged 10 to 25 who live, work or study in Dundee. All projects must be delivered in Dundee. Funding applications will be sorted into geographical areas such as East Dundee and West Dundee with City Wide applications being accommodated within the voting system.

What type of organisations can apply? 

Only Dundee-based not-for-profit groups can apply and normally these will have one of the following structures:

  • Be a community group or club
  • Be a voluntary sector youth project/group
  • Young people on behalf of a group or organisation they are involved in

What type of proposals can be made ?

Projects are to cover at least one of the following themes/criteria and organisations must be based and delivered in Dundee. Maximum amount per application is £2500.

  • Local Environment
  • Experiences (Residentials, Trips, Cultural Outings)
  • Removal of financial barriers to participation
  • Local issues identified by young people
  • Equipment
  • Community Benefit

Voting process:

Funding will be awarded via public vote through Young Scot Portal. All applications will be voted on simultaneously. Dundee young people entitled to vote will sign into the voting portal using their Young Scot National Entitlement Card number (or temporary number issued to those who require one) Young people cast votes for up to a maximum number determined by the number of applications received. During the voting process, each young person is allocating the entire budget available across all proposals. Funding will be awarded depending on successful votes as calculated by the Young Scot voting software. The applications with the highest numbers of votes will go forward to receive funding.

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