Advice For Youthwork

During the interviews I asked everyone what their advice would be to someone who would like to get into youthwork, i thought this would be a good question to in order to help people who might not know how to start a career in youthwork, and what would be the best way for them – this was their response:



Make sure to get out and volunteer in different services to find out what area you like, what age range you would like to work with and to also find out about yourself and gain experience through volunteering.

Another piece of advice was to always show up to the groups you are volunteering in as it shows consistency and reliability which is so important in a young person’s life and in attitude to work.


When going into group make sure to have thick skin and don’t make expectations as you can walk into a group and it may be completely different than what you expect as everyone is different with different personalities for example some may be quiet, some may be loud, so it is important to not make expectations and be ready to change plans at last minute.


Go out and try new things! Don’t let a lack of confidence get in the way of what you want to do. Take different opportunities and use the advice and support of others around to help you.


Make sure you go for it. Although it might not be a career you will have your whole life, you can learn and build important skills that will set you up for any job in the future.

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