Young Scot National Entitlement Card: Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to all of your frequently asked questions about the Young Scot National Entitlement Card (Young Scot NEC) below. 

Can I get cheap travel using my Young Scot NEC?

If you are 16-18-years old (or 19-25-years-old and a full-time volunteer) you can get cheaper transport on buses, trains and ferries using your Young Scot NEC. To access the bus and train discounts, your Young Scot NEC should have a pink strip that shows your date of birth. Click here to find out more

Can I buy schools meals using my Young Scot NEC?

Your school manages cashless catering using the Young Scot NEC (often the catering team). If you've any questions about the scheme, then speak directly to your school, or your Local Authority.

How do I sign up for the Young Carers Package #YSCarers using my Young Scot NEC?

If you're 12-18-years-olds and you care unpaid for a family member, friend or member of your community, you might be eligible for our Young Carers Package #YScarers. You can apply for #YSCarers via Young Scot Membership. If you’re 11-years-old, then you can apply by filling in in this online form.  

How do I access concessionary travel for disabled young people using the Young Scot NEC?

If you are disabled then you could be eligible for free bus travel to get around Scotland and your local area. You can access this via your Young Scot NEC. You can apply for your Young Scot NEC by contacting your Local Authority who will let you know about the application and renewal process in your area. Also, some Local Authorities use the new for applications.

How do I get a Young Scot NEC?

Your Local Authority issues your Young Scot NEC. They have the most up-to-date information for your local area. Please contact them directly if you have a question about your Young Scot NEC. If you ordered your Young Scot NEC at your school, please speak to your school office to find out when they expect your Young Scot NEC to arrive.

Can I apply for a Young Scot NEC online?

If you are applying for your first Young Scot NEC, then you can use if your Local Authority is signed up. The service is available if you are 12-26-years-old, you already have (or will sign up for) a mygovscot myaccount, and you live in a Local Authority who’s signed up. You will also need a passport or driving licence to apply for a Young Scot NEC in this way. Take a look at the FAQ for more information and to find out if your Local Authority is signed up.

Can I apply for a Young Scot NEC in person?

Some Local Authorities allow you to apply for a Young Scot NEC in person – sometimes at local libraries and civil buildings. Please contact your Local Authority to find out the services on offer near your home.

Where's my date of birth?

When you applied for your Young Scot NEC, you might have ticked the boxopt out of Young Scot’. Please get in touch with your Local Authority and tell them you’d like a card that’s got Young Scot branding on it.

How long does it take for a Young Scot NEC to arrive?

Please ask your Local Authority when you apply for your Young Scot NEC. This varies across Scotland.

How do I change my photo?

You can change your photograph on your Young Scot NEC by contacting your Local Authority.

What’s the PASS logo on my Young Scot NEC?

The PASS logo stands for The National Proof of Age Standards Scheme. This means you can use your Young Scot NEC as a proof of age card and can buy age-restricted goods like lottery tickets or rated films. PASS is recognised by the Scottish Government and Police Scotland as an acceptable form of proof of age. Retailers and business do have the right to decide which forms of ID they will and will not accept and can refuse sale if they choose.

If you think your Young Scot NEC has been refused unfairly, fill in our refusal form online. Click here to find out more information about PASS

How do I sign up to Young Scot Membership?

If you sign up to Young Scot Membership, you get access to online discounts and Young Scot Rewards. You can also access entitlement packages such as Young Carers Package #YSCarers and Young Scot Next #YSNext. To sign up, you must be over 12-years-old and have signed up for a MyGovScot MyAccount. Click here for a Step by Step Guide on Signing Up for Young Scot Membership.

How do I apply for a Young Scot NEC if I don’t have identification?

You can ask an approved member of staff to support your application. This person should be able to confirm your name and date of birth against an approved data source. The approved member of staff could be a teacher checking against education records, a doctor checking against NHS records etc. Please speak directly to your Local Authority regarding this.  

How do I apply for a Young Scot NEC if I don’t have photographic identification?

If you don’t have ID with a photograph on it, you can use a birth certificate (or similar document) alongside a referee who will confirm your likeness. Your referee should have no family or personal relationship with you. Recognised professions for a referee include bank/building society official, MP/MSP, dentist, nurse, optician, pharmacist, police officer, social worker, teacher or lecturer. You must speak to your Local Authority to discuss this in detail.

What’s an acceptable form of proof of residence I can use when applying for my Young Scot NEC?

There are lots of forms of proof of residence that you can use. These documents should be in your (the applicant’s name) and you should have been living in Scotland for at least six months. These include:

  • Utility bill
  • Council/housing association statement or letter
  • Bank or mortgage statement
  • Credit union statement
  • Confirmation from an electoral search
  • Credit card statement
  • Television licence
  • HMRC, Home Office, immigration letter
  • DWP/disability entitlement letter                            
  • Occupational pension letter
  • Letter from care or residential come
  • Court Order
  • Letter from school/university/college
  • Benefit book /card or original notification
  • Award of Child Benefit letter
  • Photo driving licence
  • Letter from Local Authority confirming residency
  • Record of a home visit by council or government official

You should speak to your Local Authority directly about acceptable forms of proof of residence.

How do I change my name on my Young Scot NEC?

To change the name on your Young Scot NEC you need to have a proof of change of name. If you don’t have this documentation, you can get a statutory declaration that can be signed free of charge by a local Councillor. Click here to find out more information from Scottish Trans about changing your name. 

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