Using Your Young Scot Card as Proof of Age

Leugh am fiosrachadh seo sa Ghàidhlig.

We are aware that there was an issue with the Proof of Age Standard Scheme (PASS) hologram on some young people’s Young Scot National Entitlement Cards. This issue has now been resolved and therefore if you require a PASS hologram to access essential services, you can apply for a replacement card. Please note that even if there is an issue with the hologram on your current card, you can still access all other discounts and entitlements including the Young Persons’ (Under 22s) Free Bus Travel scheme.

What does PASS mean?

The PASS acronym stands for Proof of Age Standards Scheme and the holographic PASS logo on your Young Scot National Entitlement Card (NEC) means that the card can be used as proof of age.

You can use a PASS proof of age when buying age-restricted goods like lottery tickets, rated films or alcohol.

Will my card always be accepted as proof of age?

The Young Scot NEC is part of the accredited national proof of age card scheme PASS.

This means that the Young Scot NEC is a legally accepted proof of age. The photo on your card needs to be kept up to date to use it to prove your age for age restricted products or services.

Most places will accept the card as legal proof of age, however, retailers and business do have the right to decide which forms of ID they will and will not accept and can refuse sale if they choose.

What if my Young Scot card isn't accepted?

If your photo is out of date and does not look like you then your Young Scot NEC might be refused as proof of age. You can find out how to upgrade your photo easily in the card section of our site.

If you believe your Young Scot NEC has been refused unfairly, fill in our refusal form online or fill in the embedded form below.

If you have any further queries, please contact us on

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