Puberty FAQs: Boys

Puberty is the series of changes our bodies and brains go through as we grow to become sexually mature adults.

So what's going on inside us? Why does puberty make us feel the way it does? When should it start and how quick will it happen?

When does puberty happen?

In boys, puberty happens between the ages of 12 and 18. The changes puberty brings don't come overnight and happen at different speeds in different people.

If you've not shown any signs of starting puberty by the age of 15, speak to your doctor.

What causes puberty to happen?

When we hit puberty, glands inside us start pumping out chemicals called hormones.

These chemicals make different parts of our bodies change in different ways. They also affect our feelings and emotions.

What are the main changes in puberty?

Apart from general growth spurts, major things we can see from the outside include:

  • Testicles and penis get bigger
  • We grow armpit, facial and pubic hair
  • We get a deeper sound as our voice breaks
  • We get more muscular
  • Chin gets squarer and brow heavier

Unfortunately, we also get:

  • Greasier skin
  • Spots
  • More sweat and body odour

On the inside, our testicles develop and start working so that we start to produce sperm.

From this point onwards, and so long as we're healthy, we can now get a girl or woman pregnant.

How does puberty affect my mind and feelings?

Hormones also affect the way we feel.

Many boys encounter:

  • Mood swings
  • Low moods
  • Problems with self confidence
  • Strong crushes on people

All of these things are normal, but shouldn't make your life a misery.

If the way you feel means you're missing out on things you used to enjoy or are taking risks you know you shouldn't, it's worth speaking to someone about what's happening.

If you can't speak to a trusted friend or adult, you can call Childline free at any time and speak to an advisor about any issue on 0800 1111.

For more information and to find out about helpful services near you, search the Contacts Directory

Will puberty affect my sexuality?

Puberty is about becoming sexually mature, so it's natural to think about sex a bit - or a lot!

This can include wondering about our sexuality and many people will have feelings about people of the same sex.

It doesn't always mean you're gay or bisexual, but there's no reason to feel bad about who you are or who you're attracted to.

I can hardly stay awake - why?

Teenagers are often accused of being lazy because of the amount of time they spend in bed.

Not fair!

All the growing and other changes going on in the body take up huge amounts of energy, so more rest is needed.

This is why it's important to sleep well. 

I'm eating loads - why?

Your body is making new and bigger bits of itself all over so it's little wonder we need more food.

It can't make itself into a healthy adult out of junk either, so do the best you can to make sure you eat well.

I want to be alone more - why?

Every teen needs time and space to figure out how they feel about themselves and the changes they're going through. Some folks need more than others.

How to get the space you need is another matter and can be tricky.

For more information on taking good care of yourself, check out Getting the Basics Right