Learn Macrame

Macrame uses knots to create patterns and designs, rather than knitting or weaving. 

Once you have learned a few basic knots to start off, there are many directions you can take your new talent. Small projects like drinks coasters and plant hangers can help you become comfortable with the techniques. Use these videos to help you get started and as you grow in skill and confidence, you can try your hand at more imaginative and ambitious projects!

We recognise that hobbies and crafts can be a real benefit in helping young people develop new skills, gain confidence and find unique ways to focus, relax or provide a distraction. 

We also understand not everyone has the means to get started in a project without some help. 

We have a limited number of resource packs with the materials required to get started. If you think this activity will be helpful to you but would welcome some extra help, please use the link fill out a request form. Resource packs will be available on a first come, first served basis. 

Yes – I would love a resource pack to help me do this!

If you would like to buy a pack for yourself, you can view the product details we used here

The first video will introduce you to what macrame is.

You can watch a tutorial on the knots used (second video) and learn how to make a wall hanging (video three), a plant hanger (video four) and a coaster (video five). 

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