Lanark Universal Connections – Weekly Programme

Youth Family and Community Learning have a fantastic range of activities on every week for young people, adults and their families. Below is our most recent weekly programme. The most up to date information can be found on our social media pages:

ASN Parent Carers Suport Group (Biweekly)  Monday 09:30 12:00 
Lunchtime Drop In  Monday 13:20 14:00 
Junior ASN Monday Night Group (8+)  Monday 16:00 17:45 
Rigside Youth  Group (Held at Rigside Community Hall)  Monday 18:00 20:00 
Senior ASN Monday Night Group (S1+)  Monday 18:00 20:00 
Lunchtime Drop In  Tuesday 13:20 14:00 
S4 Extended Learning Group Tuesday 14:00 15:30 
Afterschool Drop In   Tuesday 15:45 17:00 
Strategy Gaming Group   Tuesday 17:00 20:00 
Senior Drop In (S1+)  Tuesday 18:00 20:00 
ASN School Group   Wednesday 09:00 11:45 
Adult IT Support Group  Wednesday 10:00 12:00 
Team Meeting (CENTRE CLOSED)  Wednesday 13:00 15:00 
Afterschool Drop In  Wednesday 15:00 17:00 
Primary 7 Group  Wednesday 18:00 20:00 
Incredible Years   Thursday 09:30 11:30 
Lunchtime Drop In  Thursday 13:20 14:00 
S3 Extended Learning Group (Girls Group)  Thursday 14:00 15:30 
Afterschool Drop In   Thursday 15:45 17:00 
Soundz Music Project  Thursday 17:00 20:00 
Adult Get Together Group (Held at Carstairs Junction Hall)  Friday 10:30 12:30 
Lunchtime Drop In  Friday 11:25 12:00 
Afterschool Drop In  Friday 13:00 17:00 
Young Reporters Friday 15:30 17:00 
Friday Night Group Friday 17:00 20:00 
Family Fun Sessions Saturday 10:00 13:00 
Drop In Saturday 14:00 17:00 

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