Interview with Bex

Bex is a community’s assistant within the Communities department, currently she is working on redesigning and updating the young scot website such as adding in and raising awareness different organisations and groups around angus so that young people have access to them.


What made you want to do youthwork?

Bex said that she wasn’t really aware of this area of work until she was in her mid 20’s and it wasn’t until she volunteered in a complex needs group that she felt that she enjoyed this type of work.


What pathway did you take into youthwork?

Bex started her journey to youthwork by doing a degree in Social Science – psychology where she was required to do a placement as part of her last year at university, this placement was with TCA (Tayside Council on Alcohol) in a group called The Crew which focuses on young people that have been affected by substance abuse. Bex continued volunteering with TCA after graduation but also started doing sessional work throughout angus these sessions were Friday Night Project and Glow Sports with Skillz Academy, volunteering with Skillz Academy has now turned into a 6hr post and she went for the Communities Assistant position at Angus Council and does this along side the Skillz Academy post.

What’s the best part of your role?

Bex said that the best part of her role was seeing the progression in young people through taking part in groups such as the building of confidence, trust in others and relationships. Bex said that she finds seeing this “rewarding”.

Here are some other questions i asked Bex to help everyone get to know her better!

Favourite food?

Nachos with lots of jalapenos

Favourite TV show?

Arrested development

Favourite film?

The brave little toaster – an 80’s film, she still has the VHS tape and finds it very nostalgic.

Best Place You’ve Been ?


Where would you like to travel to?

Mexico or Cuba

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