Social Tariffs – What are they and could you be eligible ?

Find out how young people in Renfrewshire could get cheaper broadband through social tariffs

The internet is an important utility, just like water or power. The Renfrewshire Youth Services Team have created this article to help find the best deal. The internet allows you to access information and services online. With everything becoming more and more expensive, even broadband! Due to the ongoing cost of living crisis (find out more at this cost of living crisis article from national Young Scot)

Bills can become overwhelming and if there is a way to help reduce costs – we’ve got you covered!

What is a social tariff and how could you be entitled to this ?

Social Tariffs are cheaper broadband and phone packages which are available from various broadband providers, to help those receiving benefits such as Universal credit (or another financial support) get access to the internet for a lower monthly price. There is more information at this page on USwitch Social tariffs. If you or someone in your household is currently receiving any of the following benefits you may be entitled to cheaper internet:

  • Universal Credit
  • Pension Credit
  • Employment and Support Allowance
  • Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income Support

Some providers may include additional benefits.

A recent survey from Citizens Advice reported that up to one million people cancelled their broadband because they simply couldn’t afford it. However a large number of these households could have accessed cheaper broadband deals through various social tariffs.

Find out if you are eligible at Low cost broadband and mobile phone tariffs – GOV.UK (

If you are eligible you should check if your current provider offers a social tariff or you can use broadband comparison websites to see the difference between standard deals.

MoneySavingExpert – Martin Lewis discusses different social tariffs that may be available to you.

What if I’m not eligible ?

If you don’t currently receive or are not entitled to financial support but are still looking to save money through a cheaper broadband deal, check out some cheap broadband deals on Uswitch .

Support out there to help you get online

There are various other support packages out there to help you get online.

Connecting Scotland – In partnership with various sectors to ensure that everyone in Scotland has access to digital services.

Flexible Support Fund (FSF) – May be available to you if you are currently receiving Universal Credit, speak to your work coach or UC service centre to find out more about this discretionary fund which could help you get online.

Find more information & Support

Visit the Scottish Government website to see what support is out there during the cost of living crisis. Find out other ways to help reduce household bills by visiting Young Scot’s dedicated page about energy and the cost crisis.

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