How to Vote on Polling Day

Not sure what you’re supposed to do at the ballot booth once you’re arrived at the polling station to vote? Follow these simple steps!

1. Go to your polling station

The address of your polling station should be written on the polling card you got through the post. Don’t worry if you didn’t get your polling card through – you don’t need it to vote.

You can also find your local polling station on the Electoral Commission website.

2. Confirm your name and address

When you arrive at the polling station to vote a member of staff will first ask you for your name and address.

If this is an election where photo ID (ID stands for identification) is required, they will then ask you for your photo ID. The name on your photo ID should be the same as the name you used to register to vote.

Voters are legally required to show photo ID when voting at a polling station at some elections.

Voters in Scotland need to show photo ID to vote at UK parliamentary elections. You do not need to show photo ID to vote in the Scottish Parliament or Scottish local council elections.

Scottish National Entitlement Card issued for concessionary travel (including the under 22s bus pass) can be used when voting – as can a card bearing the Proof of Age Standards Scheme hologram (a PASS card), including the Young Scot National Entitlement Card.

The video below explains the types of ID that are accepted at polling places in Scotland.

If you don’t have ID, you can apply for free voter ID known as a Voter Authority Certificate. You need to be registered to vote before you apply for a Voter Authority Certificate. Find out more about how to register to vote.

Find the full list of accepted ID on the Electoral Commission website.

3. The member of staff will give you a ballot paper

Once polling station staff have confirmed that you are at the correct polling station, that you are registered and eligible to vote, and (if it is a UK parliamentary election) your photo ID is acceptable, you will be given a piece of paper where you will mark who you want to vote for. This is called a ballot paper.

Take your ballot paper to one of the polling booths.

4. Put an X in the box next to the person you want to vote for

Follow the instructions on the ballot paper. Information about how to vote will also be in the polling booth.

There will be a pencil provided, but you can use a pen if you want.

5. Fold your ballot paper in half and put it in the ballot box

That’s your vote complete! Get more information at the Electoral Commission website.

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