How to Get Confident and Stay that Way

You got this! 💪

We spoke to Sue McGillivray, a Life Coach based in Glasgow. She told us how you can get confident and stay that way – so here’s how to boost your self-belief!

Q: What steps can you take to build confidence?

A: As a young person, you have a lot of things to deal with. Having confidence lets you enjoy the good times and helps you deal with the challenges you face.

The foundations for building confidence include eating well and exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep. Find out how to look after the basics.

Having one or two close friends or people you can talk to can help and being with people who make you feel good and allow you to be you really matters. Find out more more about talking about your feelings.

It is so important that you know what makes you, you. Try doing the following;

  • Write down ten good things that you like about yourself, the first ten that come into your head.
  • These ten must be about you – not the way you look or your clothes.
  • Think about the things you do well, What personal qualities are you proud of? What every day things do you like about you?

Don’t try to compare yourself to other people. Everyone is different and comes with their unique positive qualities and strengths. Every single young person is beautiful just the way they are! Find something you enjoy doing and do it! It could be reading, listening or playing music, being creative, enjoying sports or going out with your friends. Do what you love and what you are good at.

Q: What can you do to maintain confidence?

A: Believe in your abilities and feel good about yourself. It can help to mix and be with positive people and try new things.

It can be helpful to remember your achievements and successes, the things you did well and the compliments you receive. Be proud of yourself!

Q: What can you do to get confident quickly for a big event or speech?

A: Preparation is always best so allow time for this. It is also important to rehearse and practice for your event or speech, either in front of a mirror or with your family or good friends. Remember to research your topic and the best way to present it. Choose clothes that you feel comfortable and good in and be well groomed.

Take a big breath beforehand and above all, believe in yourself. You can do it!

Quick Tips

  • Ignore bullies – Some people love to put us down. But why pay attention to anyone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart?
  • Ignore your negative inner voice – Sometimes you might think certain thoughts, like “I’m rubbish” or “I’ll just mess up like I always do”. These thoughts aren’t helpful.
  • Challenge yourself – Every time we meet a challenge, it helps build our confidence and self esteem.
  • Get physical – Physical activity releases special feel good chemicals in our bodies.
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