Duke of Edinburgh Short Activity Courses

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a widely recognised programme that builds skills and confidence in young people. 

They have kindly put together a range of modules to help young people (11-25) try new things and promote good health and wellbeing.

There are around 20 different courses to choose from, and if extra equipment or materials are required, we have a small number of resource packs to help you get started. 

The courses are broken down into “Skill” and “Physical” categories.

There are many options that you can do at home, or outdoors in your local area. 

You don’t have to enrol with the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme, but doing so can bring added benefits. If you complete 12 of the modules in a section (Skill or Physical), you can gain a Bronze Level Award for that section. 

If you’ve not considered doing an award before or just didn’t know where to start, these modules can provide an easy first step in your award journey. 

Use the link below to access the registration form:

I’m interested and want to sign up now!

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