Young Carers in Perth & Kinross

Young Carers are children and young people aged between 8-16 years old who provide care or assistance to a family member of any age, due to disability, mental health issues, chronic/terminal illness or problems relating to alcohol or substance misuse.

Young Carers can also have emotional as well as practical caring responsibilities. The level of responsibility that is sometimes placed on young carers would normally be associated with that of an adult.

What do Young Carers do?

  • Domestic activities – cleaning, laundry, washing
  • Household management – food shopping, lifting, cooking
  • Financial and practical management – withdrawing cash, paying bills
  • Personal care – washing, bathing and giving medication
  • Emotional Care – making sure the person they care for is okay
  • Sibling care – looking after a brother or sister

These are just a few examples of what young carers do. Every young carer’s story is different but PKAVS Young Carers Hub is here to support you.

Check out the video of young carers telling their story, below.

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