Where the funds could be allocated in Three Towns

30 projects have applied for money in the Three Towns

If you live in this area- you CAN VOTE when the vote opens on 6th November, for three projects project at voting.young.scot. Note that as the constituency crosses two Scottish youth parliament constituencies, you need to pick Three Towns North or Three Towns South – but you will see the same candidates in each, and the results will be combined for the whole of the Three Towns However please ensure that you know how to vote, young people at school or home schooling will vote with teachers in school.

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The projects in this area are:

1: Young Ambassadors – Ardrossan Academy

We as young ambassadors at Ardrossan Academy would like to apply for funding towards our extra curricular clubs equipment. We have a variety of clubs going on within the school for all ages however the lack of equipment means we are limited to how many kids can take part and what sports they can be offered. Alot of the equipment is dated and in need of replacement. This new equipment would allow for more pupils to get involved in sport who do not get the opportunity out with of school. The cost of local clubs means some of our pupils don’t get the chance to try different sports and the volunteers/teachers within the school who co-ordinate the clubs need some support with this equipment fund.

2: Ardrossan Winton Rovers girls U12/14

We have 28 girls right now in our 2 girls football teams we run, an U12s and an U14s. We train together and see us as one whole team despite it being 2 within the football community. The girls love what we do and provide and next year, we plan to take them to Flamingo Land for a football tournament. We understand that not every girl has transport to get them and a parent/carer down to the event so we are willing to hire a coach to take everyone and anyone that can go. Again we understand that not all children’s families have the funds to be able to pay for this themselves so as a team, we will be trying to fundraise as much as we can to help lower the cost for everyone. Activities such as sponsored walks, football scratch cards, car boot sales, coffee mornings along with a weekly bonus ball are already underway.

3: Ardrossan Youth Association (AYA)

The AYA want to enhance the outdoor aspects of its youth provision at the Ardrossan Youth Centre recognising that fun activities outdoors improves wellness increases personal resilience and encourages participation.

4: Three Towns Junior Bowls

To encourage young people between the ages of 8-17 to participate in the sport of indoor bowls. It is hoped as well as fostering new friendships within the community, it will develop and enhance both physical and mental well-being.

5: North Ayrshire ice hockey club

The link between exercise and mental health is complicated. Inactivity can be both a cause and a consequence of mental illness, for example. But there are lots of ways that exercise can benefit your mental health, such as:The levels of chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin, stress hormones and endorphins, change when you exercise. Regular exercise can help you sleep better. And good sleep helps you manage your mood. Exercise can distract you from negative thoughts and provide opportunities to try new experiences. Exercise can improve your sense of control, coping ability and self-esteem. People who exercise regularly often report how good achieving a goal makes them feel. Exercise increases your energy levels. Physical activity can be an outlet for your frustrations. Exercise can reduce skeletal muscle tension, which helps you feel more relaxed.  North Ayrshire ice hockey club creates a safe environment to children/ young adults to support the training needs, proving them with coaches to support ongoing training needs and a facility to do this safely.

6: 3rd Ardrossan Brownies

We are a local Brownie unit that provides experiences to girls aged 7 – 10. We help girls to build independence and learn skills while earning badges.

7: St Peter’s Pupil Council

We are applying to be a ‘Reading School’. We would like to promote reading for pleasure across our school community. We would love to buy some new books and resources to create an outdoor library and reading space for our playground. We want to make reading fun and for everyone and we would like to buy some new books which cover a whole range of different genres.

8: Dykesmains PS Parent Council

Enhancing the outdoor space available at Dykesmains, we would like to support the Eco Committee in further developing the outdoor areas, including the outdoor classroom and spaces for lessons in sustainability and with the family learning team.

9: 52nd Ayrshire -Saltcoats – Group Camp for Scouts , Cubs and Beavers

52nd Ayrshire operates from St Marys Church Hall , our three sections run each week on a Tuesday and Thursday  Most of our children and young people are resident in Saltcoats with a few who travel from Stevenston and Ardrossan. We provide indoor and outdoor activities for children and young people  aged 6yrs  – 25 yrs. We provide activities that support health and well-being and that build confidence independence and self-esteem. We strive to provide activities that are fun , exciting that will create memories that will last forever. Our young people are decision makers and they are involved in the design , planning and implementation of programmes and activities. We would like to apply for funding for our  2024 Group Camp. Our aim is to subsidise the camp for every young person in order to support families dealing with the impact of the cost of living crisis . We would like to provide every young person with the opportunity to attend  and make it accessible to all families particularly those who may have more than one child /young person in scouting .We would like to cover the costs of food and activities. We would like to apply for £1000.

10: Sports Leadership Group

We would like to improve the well-being of the pupils in the Auchenharvie cluster by encouraging pupils to be more active in the playground. If successful we would use the money to buy new equipment for the P7 young leaders to use and lead clubs for P1-3 in the playground. We would also fund coaches to support these sessions to make sure that the P7 pupils are given mentoring to provide a quality experience for the wee ones.

11: Winton Rovers 2009

With the cost of living crisis it has proved a challenge to fundraise. The team will be going to their first ever abroad tournament in Holland in March 2024. We have done a huge amount of fundraising to cover the costs of all the boys to travel and stay in Holland. We are applying to this fund to help cover the costs of meals, strips and a zip track top.

12: Ardeer Thistle 2015’s

As a new youth team we would like to supply all boys with a kit to match the whole team and cover the cost of playing at all weather pitches positively impacting the cost of living for our families.

13: Educational STEM / ECO Trips

Parents for Stanley would like to apply for £1000 or less to allow some of the stages of the pupils from P1 – 7 who are currently doing a STEM/ Science project or an Eco themed topic to go on an educational trip to consolidate their learning and share in environmental and science based experiences and activities.  Alot of trips are now inexcssible to our kids as the bus costs and activity cost has rocketed and this price if the parents are asked for ther full amount will impact on them financially.  If we got funding it would either reduce the price of the trip or it would mean there was no cost.

14: Personal Safety workshops in Three Town schools

Our charity plans to run over 15 empowering Personal Safety workshops, including self defence training) in Three Town secondary schools and to local youth groups. This training will help decrease the impact of school bullying, knife crime and also increase pupils’ self confidence. We are looking for funding for half of these workshops and we will fund the remainder including the cost of any Personal Safety books we issue to the pupils (books cost £5 each). We expect to train over 500 pupils.

15: Ardrossan Parent Council

We are a small group of parents and carers of children attending Ardrossan Academy.  We enjoy supporting the pupils in school and supporting other activities. Following the success of last year’s transition events, we would like to continue with the ‘Good Start Gift Bag’, potted sports event and disco. Funding would be used to purchase school essentials for every pupil entering S1, as well as the costs of two events; equipment, medals, dj, refreshments, decorations. Please vote for us to support our children and young people.

16: Ardeer Thistle Girls Under 14’s

Newly established girls under 14’s team at Ardeer Thistle.  Offering opportunities for girls to access football and sport at a grassroots level whilst developing confidence, team building, mental and physical wellbeing. 

17: Nature-based creative workshop – Jupiter Artlands

An organised visit for local young people to Jupiter Artland, taking part in a nature-based creative workshop to support positive mental wellbeing.

18: Ardrossan Winton Rovers 2010 Holland Tournament

Ardrossan Winton Rovers Youth Academy 2010 team are particpating in a football tournament located in Holland during Easter 2024.  This is an amazing opportunity for our team to create memories with their friends and families whilst enjoying the sport they love.  The boys are looking forward to playing against other teams from around the world and to learn new skills.

19: Young Ambassador & Pupil Sports Council

After consultation with the participants of all the sports clubs that run throughout the week. The Young Ambassador & Pupil sports council have identified two clubs that are needing support are  the basketball and boxing clubs that allow our fellow young people to be active through out the school day at lunchtime and after school. Giving voice to the participants of all our clubs as well as improving the health and wellbeing of all of participants. Furthermore the funding will allow both clubs to engage with young people and expand the number of participants within each club Let’s Hear from our participants Boxing The funding will provide our upstart club with the necessary equipment to be able to run on a regular basis for the young people. In turn, it will be able to bring a new sport to a large number of young people and boost the health and wellbeing of all the young people who take part in the club. Also, it will allow our young people to be able to build discipline, confidence and promote positive mental health. Basketball The funding will provide new equipment that will allow one of our most popular clubs to continue to grow and allow more young people to engage with the sport. It will furthermore improve the health & wellbeing of the young people who take part as well as provide a sense of community through team sports, building confidence and promote good mental health.

20: Winton Parent Council

We are a small group of parents dedicated to supporting the children of Winton Early Years Class and Winton Primary. We work in partnership with the school, parents and pupils.

21: Hayocks Primary School Parent Council

Parties and events for the kids in the community. Looking for £990 to help in aid of these parties and events for the kids in the local community.

22: Scratch Group D&D Funds

Our group seeks to help foster skills in 12-25 year olds by growing soft literacy and numeracy skills, as well as creative storytelling, critical thinking, social interaction, and brainstorming.

23: St Johns Parent & Pupil Council – Breakfast Brainiacs

Breakfast Brainiacs Club is a breakfast club that after consultation both the pupil and parent councils have decided that they need to support to keep the club running every day throughout the school year. The club is loved and adored by all the young people who make use of it, and they would be devastated to see the club stop. It allows the young people to have the best start to the day by having a healthy and nutritious breakfast combined with sporting activities to kick start their day with fun and time to spend with their friends before school. Thus, improving the physical and mental health and wellbeing of all the young people who attend as well as lending to the voice of the young people as they see it as such a successful club. Finally this really helps local families with the current cost of living as the club is free and provides each participant with a free breakfast to start each day.

24: Paddle boards

The SAS explorer scout unit is based in the scout hall, Kilmeny Terrace, Ardrossan. The unit covers the three towns and is open to anybody who wishes to join. The unit takes part in scouting activities and adventurous activities including archery, kayaking and paddle boarding. The leaders of the unit are qualified instructors in the aforementioned activities. The unit runs these activities for other groups within North Ayrshire who do not have access to equipment or instructors.

25: Ardeer Community Centre

We are a group of volunteers working with the community in the Ardeer Community centre, we engage in all community benefits and host community events, Our volunteers run the local cafe sadies place a monday to Friday, and we run a local food larder on a Thursday & Friday also.  We give up our time through the week and at weekends to keyhold lets within the community centre to keep our core hours down to ensure that we do not need to pay the council more that thier required third of any payment we recive for the lets, to be able to put on events for kids and families.  With doing this we have 3 volunteers who give up alot of thier free time to enusre this as well as holding community events for the kids and families of the Stevenston community.

26: St Peter’s Parent Council: healthy eating and cooking

Promoting healthy eating, teaching our young people and their families a valuable life skill – basic cookery – and encouraging them to understand where their food comes from. £1000 towards cooking equipment, ingredients and storage.

27: 3rd Ardrossan Guides

We are a local Guide unit that provides experiences to girls aged 10 – 14. We help girls to build independence and learn skills while earning badges.

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