Sharing Your #YSSchools Progress Safely

If you’re leading the Young Scot Schools (#YSSchools) programme in your school, you might be sharing information about our services or showcasing your work online. Here’s how to do it safely!

Taking photos

If you’re taking pictures of another pupil finding information on our website or signing up to Young Scot Membership, make sure to follow this guidance:

  • Do not include their faces ? for example, you can easily take a photo of the back of their head reading a screen 
  • Do not take pictures where their full name can be seen 
  • Try to avoid including photos where school badges or names can be identified easily if they’re not being shared on official school channels
  • Send your evidence photos to your teacher who will share them with our Schools Officer

You can find out more about staying safe online, by visiting our Digi Know? page.

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School Social Media Channels

We want to get the word out about all of the fantastic Young Scot in-person and online Discounts, Rewards and other opportunities you’re entitled to. Social media is a great way to share this information with other pupils and your school community.

To keep everyone safe, please only post on your school’s social media channels, and with their permission. Please also ask a staff member to review your post before you share it.

Take a look at these tips to help you get started:

  • Do not post a picture of a pupil and write their name in a post without full permission
  • Do not include your school logo in your pictures unless you have the consent from the school
  • Make sure to use appropriate language in a social media post
  • Tag us using our social media handles @youngscot #YSSchools – we love to see our information being shared
  • Use emojis/pictures to make your post eye-catching
  • We post all the time too – share our posts on your school’s channels

Find out more about the #YSSchools programme on our information page.

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