The Young Scot Schools Programme Criteria: What You Need to Know

To complete the Young Scot Schools (#YSSchools) accreditation, you must complete at least four of the six criteria below. 

You must provide three pieces of evidence for each of the criteria. This could be photographs, screenshots or information on the work you have done.

Check out some examples of evidence sent to us from other schools that have completed the programme.

You can also click the links throughout this article to find the resources you need for each of the criteria.  

Criteria 1: Get Your Young Scot National Entitlement Card (NEC)

This criteria is about pupils in your school knowing the benefits of the Young Scot NEC and how to apply for it.

This means you have shared information about:

Examples of evidence may include:

  • Sending us a picture of the Young Scot NEC poster up in your school.
  • Send pictures of an information assembly on the Young Scot NEC. 
  • Provide us with information on which staff members or pupil groups in your school are responsible for providing pupils with up to date information on the Young Scot NEC.

Criteria 2: Sign Up for Young Scot Membership

This criteria is about sharing information with your peers about the Young Scot Membership and helping them to access online Discounts and Young Scot Rewards.

This means you have shared information about:

Examples of evidence may include:

Criteria 3: Young Scot Hive Volunteering Opportunities

This criteria is about making sure the pupils in your school know about all of the different volunteering opportunities they can get involved in with Young Scot Hive (#YSHive).

You share information about:

 Examples of evidence may include:

  • Sending us a picture of the #YSHive poster up in your school
  • Share a presentation or picture of a lesson/assembly where #YSHive opportunities are shared with pupils 
  • Share a picture of an assembly using the #YSHive Presentation
  • Share current #YSHive opportunities on your schools social media channels or newsletter and send us evidence of this

Criteria 4: Young Scot Services

This criteria helps the pupils in your school find out about our free local and national Young Scot services like our Young Carers package.

This means you share information about: 

  • Different Young Scot services (for example, #YSCarers)
  • Where to find information on Young Scot services
  • The benefits of different Young Scot services

Examples of evidence may include:

Criteria 5: Young Scot Information & Resources

Young.Scot has tons of information on the things that matter to you. This criteria is all about using our information, learning resources and campaign materials like our videos and articles during lessons and assemblies. 

This means you share or use our:

  • Digital information and campaigns on
  • Activities from our learning resources page (not information about Young Scot)

Examples of evidence may include:

  • Share a picture of an assembly or lesson taking place that uses our information resources
  • Share a picture of an assembly on our Information Services and what they do using our presentation
  • Send us an image of pupils accessing our website to view information resources (please do not disclose the identity of pupils or show faces)
  • Share a picture of pupils using our learning resource activities (not information about Young Scot)
  • Send us a screenshot of Young Scot social media channels being promoted on your schools online channels, newsletter or of the poster displayed in your school

Criteria 6: Connect with Young Scot

This criteria is about helping your school connect with our wider services as well as your Local Authority Young Scot Representative. 

This means you explore:

  • Bulk Young Scot NEC processes in your school (teachers only)
  • Creating local digital content on the Near Me section of this website

Examples of evidence may include:

  • Share with us discussion points from your meeting with your Local Authority Young Scot representative (teachers only)
  • Send us a link to digital content that your pupils have created on your local page

Find out more about our Young Scot Schools programme on our information page.

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