What is the Young Scot Schools Programme?

What is the Young Scot Schools (#YSSchools) Programme? 

The Young Scot Schools (YSSchools) Programme is a programme that helps schools teach pupils about Young Scot and everything we do, including the Young Scot National Entitlement Card (Young Scot NEC), our digital information and volunteering opportunities.

We want young people to know about their entitlements and the free services available to them and we need you to spread the word!

Whether it’s presenting to a class about all of the benefits of the Young Scot NEC or sharing volunteer opportunities on your school’s social media channels, anything you can do to help others in your school learn about Young Scot can make a difference. 

Why take part?

This is an opportunity for you to take on a leadership role in your school. Here are some of the benefits of taking part:

  • Helps you to build leadership and communication skills
  • Adds to your experience to improve your personal statement or CV
  • Provides your peers with information about Young Scot and our services
  • Reduces the stigma of taking advantage of entitlements on offer by using the Young Scot NEC. 

How to lead the programme

You will work with a teacher and a group of pupils to share information with others in your school about Young Scot and what we do. We provide everything you need to share information such as posters, PowerPoints and more!

Your teacher will be in touch with our Schools Officer at Young Scot. They will provide information, guidance, and answer any questions you might have.

As you work through the criteria and collect evidence, your teacher will send this to our Schools Officer to keep us up to date on your progress.

Once you have completed the programme, your school will receive a certificate and become a Young Scot School!

Find out more about the Young Scot Schools Programme on our information page.

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