Productive Ways to Spend Time Online

If you find yourself endlessly scrolling, don’t let screen time be wasted time! Check out all the best ways you can spend time on your phone or laptop!

Use YouTube for tutorials

While we all love a Vine/TikTok compilation, catching up on the latest unboxing videos or laughing to ourselves while we watch our favourite vloggers attempt the newest internet challenge, you can learn some really cool things on YouTube.

Why not learn how to code on different platforms with Free Code Camp? Or make cool video effects with After Effects Series Tutorials? YouTube is also full of some amazingly artistic make up tutorial channels if beauty is your thing – or you could even fold along and learn origami! 

See the good in the world

It’s important to keep up to date on the goings on around the world, through watching or reading the news, and while it can often be negative, there are also some great resources out there that focus on sharing positive news stories – which you could add into your routine!

Checking out sites like Positive News or the Good News Network, who only post stories about people doing good things or uplifting news articles can be a nice way to balance out the negative news stories that can appear in news coverage online, on TV or in newspapers.

Learn online

You can attend the Open University which can be a good way to get a degree in your own time, or check out some free courses from universities across the world on Future Learn. You can also check out sites like SkillShare, that host online tutorials on pretty much anything you want to learn!

Watch documentaries

Why not find out what life is like for someone completely different to you? Or learn something new about the world around you! You can find loads of cool documentaries like Planet Earth or Inside The Factory on iPlayer. As well as iPlayer, BBC Three, BBC Scotland and Channel 4 are also really good for creating documentaries that showcase people’s lives.

Get app happy

If you’re feeling like your endless scrolling is becoming unproductive, why not swap the apps that distract you for something you can get something out of instead?

Duolingo can help you learn a new language, Focus Keeper (iPhone and Android) can help you become more productive! Check out Lifewire’s list of even more cool apps.

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