How to Spot if Someone's Feeling Down

We can all feel a bit upset or demotivated sometimes, but if someone you know doesn't seem themselves, they might be depressed. Here are some of the most common signs to look out for.

1. Being quiet

One of the most common signs someone may not be feeling themselves is if they're unnaturally quiet. Some of us are naturally shyer than others so it may be normal for some people you know to be quiet, but if someone who normally gets involved in chat is withdrawn, it could be a sign of depression or other mental health conditions.

2. Lack of motivation

Do you have a friend who regularly rejects plans to do anything? If someone you know never wants to leave the house, they might be feeling down. Sometimes we all need a bit of alone time, but if you know someone who avoids engaging with the world, it could be a sign of an underlying issue.

3. Self-loathing

We all doubt ourselves sometimes. But if someone you know lacks basic confidence or complains about feeling worthless, it could be that they're feeling down.  This can show up in physical insecurities or not feeling comfortable speaking up in class. Feeling worthless can prevent people from doing things, even simple tasks that many of us do without thinking. If you recognise these issues in someone you know, it might be that they're experiencing depression.

4. Being moody, upset or angry

If you normally get on well with a friend, but all of a sudden they're being angry or aggressive, it could be that they're feeling down. People react to problems in different ways, so if a friend lashes out unexpectedly, don't take it personally. If someone you know regularly switches between being really upbeat and then quite quickly becomes angry or upset, that might be a sign that they're suffering from depression.

5. Sleeping

Sleep is the perfect way to relax and unwind. If you've noticed a friend regularly seems tired and complains that they're unable to get to sleep at night, stress, anxiety or depression could be at the root. 

6. Talking about Death

People struggling with depression often feel hopeless, like nothing will ever get better. This can result in spending lots of time thinking and talking about death and suicide. Just because someone talks about suicide, doesn't necessarily mean they're suicidal. If you think your friend needs urgent help you can suggest they contact a mental health support service to talk about how they're feeling.

Remember, everyone reacts differently to feeling down and it can take many forms, but if you're worried about someone you love asking them if they're okay could be the helping hand they need to get support.

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