Learn to Relax

The videos here will introduce you the basic techniques used in meditation and relaxation. You don’t have to sit for hours, or bend into strange shapes!

Learning how to fully relax can bring benefits to your mental and physical health as it reduces stress and tension to help you feel feel calmer and less anxious. It can help you to concentrate and perform better in physical activities such as sports where attitude and mindset contribute to success. 

If you make time to do this regularly, you won’t need to rely on videos or guides. You will also find it easier to calm yourself when you feel stressed or anxious. 

There are a number of different styles and approaches so find something that works for you and fits into your day easily. The first videos are shorter, to get you started with the final one being a slightly longer, guided session. 

Basic requirements are:

  • A quiet place where you know you won’t be distracted (be brave and turn your phone off, or switch off notifications and sounds) 
  • Feel comfortable – warm, but not hot and in clothes that you can relax in. 
  • Enough time to properly relax and not need to rush anywhere immediately after. 

A little extra…

We have also included a couple of YouTube videos that will give you hours of relaxing music. You can use these to help create a sense of calm for a more focused session where you use some the previous techniques, or just play them in the background while you are working or resting to help settle your mind. 

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