The Scottish Outdoor Access Code

What is the Scottish Outdoor Access Code?

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code is all about your rights and responsibilities when you're making the most of Scotland's great outdoors.

It's based on three key things:

  • Respecting the interests of others
  • Caring for the environment
  • Taking responsibility for your own actions

It's important to look after the spaces we're using, whether it's because others use them too, or because it's important to keep them clean and safe and allow them to flourish!

So whether you just jog around your local area, go for picnics with family in your nearest park, or like to venture a bit further afield, it's important that you #KnowTheCode.

Our #KnowTheCode Campaign

Young Scot and Nature Scot have worked in partnership to create a 12-part animated video series, that shows you everything from, how to properly cross a field with farm animals, to what to do if you need a wee and there are no toilets in sight!

The videos cover:

You can find them all on our YouTube or our #KnowTheCode campaign page.

Whilst we're still dealing with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Scotland, when using your outdoor access rights, you should always follow the current guidelines on coronavirus in your area.

For more information on coronavirus in Scotland, visit our information page or check out The Scottish Outdoor Access Code website.