How to Tell Someone You're Feeling Lonely

Young people from the Young Scot Youth Loneliness Panel share their top tips for sharing you're feeling lonely with someone:

  • Find someone you can trust or feel comfortable talking to, for example, a parent/guardian, teacher, or support staff. If you're not sure who to speak to, there are lots of support services available if you're not sure who to talk to, take a look at the #AyeFeel page for more information. 
  • Think about what to say before you talk to them so you can get across that this is how you feel and it doesn't feel like something small to you.
  • Explain how it feels for you and if you know why, why you feel this way or when it feels worse.
  • Listen to what they have to say and any advice or help that they offer you.
  • If you feel like the advice they are giving/help they are offering won't help - it might be scary at first, but trying new things might help, and if not work together so you can see what else you can do that you feel comfortable with.
  • Keep talking about the way you feel as it will help and make things better, even if its a slow process.

Remember, you are brave for speaking about the way you have been feeling. 

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