Letters of Hope to Loneliness

We asked other young people how they cope with loneliness, and something that came up often was that it’s important to remember when you experience loneliness that others feel the same. Here are some of the #LettersToLoneliness we received from other young people who might feel the same, but also how they’ve managed their loneliness.

Hannah from East Lothian – Loneliness to me is a bizarre concept. You expect to feel lonely when you are alone, but most of the time, I feel lonely when I am surrounded by people – friends, family and other loved ones. I feel this as the worst feeling of loneliness, feeling like a fish in a swarm but in my own personal bubble. A bubble that makes it seem that I am alone in my feelings and thoughts and that others are not feeling the same way or are reachable through this invisible barrier. But once this bubble bursts and you reach your hand outside to the swarm, you are embraced, told and shown that you are not alone and once out of this bubble, you see that there are others in their own personal bubbles just like you were, waiting for it to burst. What I am trying to say is that you may feel lonely in a group of people but all it takes is reaching out to one person and in doing so, you may come to realise that you are not alone in this feeling.

Hannah gives some great advice, if you have strong feelings of loneliness even in a group, talking and opening up about your feelings might seem like a scary thought at first but you could also create a stronger connection with those around you who share and understand your feelings.

Everyone manages loneliness in their way and for Shiona creating videos helps her the most, this gives her a way of sharing her own experiences with others online who relate to her, check her video out below!


Being deaf is lonely, but you are not alone! Join @seeeona as she opens up about her experiences as part of our Youth Loneliness campaign. We’re partnering with @Coop_Foundation to bring you loads of resources and support if you are feeling lonely. There are lots of resources on our website, including blogs from young people on their experiences of loneliness, their tips on dealing with feeling lonely and where to find support. Visit young.scot/loneliness for more information FutureCommunities YoungScot deaf loneliness YouthLoneliness

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Kacieleigh from Argyll and Bute – The best way I deal with feeling lonely is to get comfy with a blanket on the couch on my bed and read good inspiring book. These can range from self-confidence to fantasy. Reading helps me feel like I’m part of a whole different world. Help me understand what I’m feeling and what others feel if someone is experiencing loneliness I will try to get them up and get them out and have lots of fun. Loneliness is a feeling that everyone feels and no one should be ashamed. If they feel lonely you’re lonely. I already reach out to family or friends and just ask to hang out the worst thing they can say is no, and if they say no, they’re not really your friends. it’s okay to be lonely

Books are a great escape from loneliness and while they might not be a permanent solution they can help in times of isolation. Check to see where your local library is if you’ve never been, maybe it’s worth a visit!

Ahmed from Glasgow – Compassion becomes the compass in the journey through loneliness. When someone is sailing the seas of solitude, I extend a hand, not to pull them out forcefully, but to offer a choice. Sometimes, it’s sharing stories, creating a tapestry of common experiences. Other times, it’s simply being a silent anchor in the storm. I try to listen without judgment, understanding that loneliness wears different masks for everyone. Together, we unravel the threads of isolation and weave a new narrative of connection. In the realm of #LettersToLoneliness, there’s a collective effort to unveil the unspoken, acknowledging that the human experience is a kaleidoscope of emotions. Loneliness, though daunting, becomes a canvas for empathy, a shared journey that binds us all. Let us continue to be creative, imaginative, and innovative in our expressions, for in the vulnerability of shared stories, we find the strength to face the shadows and illuminate the path towards connection.

You can still use the #LettersToLoneliness on TikTok and Instagram if you have a story to share with others, we’d love to hear from you if you send it to us on our socials!

If you’re feeling lonely and need more support, there are a range of organisations that can support you over the phone, e-mail, text and webchat. Visit our AyeFeel page to find out more.

You can find more information and support on loneliness or feeling alone here too.

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