A Brief History of LGBTQIA Rights in the UK

There is still a way to go, but LGBTQIA+ rights have come a long way in the UK. Check out our brief timeline of some of the main milestones in LGBTQIA+ equality.

A brief history of LGBT rights in the UK 1958, the homosexual law reform society is founded to begin a campaign to make homosexuality legal. 1972, the first gay pride rally is held in London. 1980, the Criminal Justice Act decriminalises homosexuality in Scotland. 2000, Lesbian, Gay and bisexual people are no longer barred from serving in the armed forces. 2001, the age of consent for gay and bisexual men is lowered to 16 to match the heterosexual age of consent. 2004, the Gender Recognition Act allows transgener people to legally change their gender on their birth certificate. 2005, the first same-sex partnerships takes place in Scotland. 2007, equal rights are granted to same sex couples who want to adopt or foster. 2014, the first same sex marriages take place on Hogmanay in Scotland. Transgender people are allowed to openly serve in the armed forces.  2018, the Scottish Government announce they will be introducing LGBTQIA inclusive education into the national curriculum.

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