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Have you done something brilliant for yourself or your community this year? Get recognition for your brilliant achievement with a YoYP 2018 Participation Certificate! 

Young people are doing loads in their local communities everyday. We wanted to recognise your energy and enthusiasm with something special during Scotland's first ever Year of Young People 2018. 

To claim a YOYP 2018 Participation Certificate you must have done something similar to the list below:

  • Completed a workshop/training course
  • Facilitated peer education
  • Supported their peers to complete/promote a survey
  • Supported and promoted local participatory budgeting exercises for young people
  • Helped organise/facilitate an event for the community as part YoYP 2018 (branded as such!)
  • Worked with people to complete a challenge/milestone – either personally or at a community level
  • Challenged stereotypes of young people or discrimination in some way
  • Championed a healthy active lifestyle
  • Excelled at something (doesn’t need to be ‘academic’ at all!)
  • A credit to young Scots everywhere in the world and the universe.

We will ask you to tell us about what you have done in the application form. Your application will be reviewed and if approved you will receive your certificate in the post within 2 months of today's date.

You must be aged between your 8th birthday your 26th birthday to receive a certificate. 

Get yours! 

To claim your certificate, please complete this application form. Get 50 Young Scot Rewards points for claiming yours! 

This certificate has been developed with generous funding from Standard Life Aberdeen, powered by Youth Scotland and Young Scot. 


Help or questions

If you require any help or have questions about the certificate, please call the free Young Scot InfoLine on 0808 801 0338 or email