YoYP 2018 Ambassador

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Hundreds of young people are representing YoYP 2018 in Scotland!

Who are Year of Young people 2018 Ambassadors?

Children in Scotland, Scottish Youth Parliament, and Young Scot have recruited committed and passionate young people from across Scotland to become the Year of Young People 2018 Ambassadors. Their role is to represent the YoYP 2018 in their local community.

Over 500 young people from all over Scotland have applied to become an Ambassador - we're really pleased that so many young people wanted to get involved!

YoYP 2018 Ambassadors are involved in making sure that young people and organisations in local communities know about YoYP 2018 activities, and together with other Ambassadors, will support projects and activity with local authorities, third sector partners and other organisations to showcase opportunities for young people to shine locally, nationally and globally!

How do I know who the Ambassadors are in my area?

Children in Scotland, Scottish Youth Parliament and Young Scot have worked hard to ensure that all young people who applied to take on this amazing opportunity were invited to a local Ambassador Introduction Session. Ambassadors are now in place across Scotland, with some local authorities in Scotland supporting local Ambassadors to carry out their role.

If you would like to get in touch with the Ambassadors in your area, or if you have any other questions, please get in touch with us on yoyp2018@young.scot or call the free Young Scot InfoLine on 0808 801 0338.

Oh no!

Recruitment for the YoYP 2018 Ambassador Programme has now closed; you're too late, sorry! But Young Scot has loads of other great opportunities that you can get involved in. Check them out below!

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