Co-designing the Year of Young People 2018

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The Year of Young People 2018 (YoYP 2018) has been co-designed with young people right from the very beginning and co-design is central to all aspects of the year.

Preparation work started over two years ago, and young people have been co-designing their year with partners since then.

Everything from the year’s six themes to the logo and website were co-designed with young people, and we want to ensure that co-design continues throughout partner’s planning and preparation of their activities.

You can help make sure activities and events are co-designed with young people by getting familiar with our Co-design Blueprint.

The Blueprint explains what co-design is and the ten principles which form the Blueprint itself which were developed by young Scots.

Meet Communic18

Communic18 are a group of 35 young people who have been recruited from all over Scotland to support organisations to plan their activity for the Year, using the Co-design Blueprint. If you would like to involve Communic18 before you start planning or if you have questions about co-design please contact

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